Benefits of using LED high bay reflector as flood light than the halogen flood light

The traditional floodlights have become ancient now. Now in most of the stadiums, you will see that they use LED high bay reflectors as a flood light. The term flood actually means in excess. Hence a flood light helps to provide a lot of light.

Maximum of us have gone to a stadium to watch a match at night time. Over there we have seen that how magically night has been turned into day. But is that really possible? One cannot just turn night into day.

This is only possible when there is light in every corner of the field. This is possible just because of the LED flood light. Not only in stadiums various events that also occur in open air needs a huge amount of light so that the areas do not look dull or dark. In these situations again a LED flood light comes as a savior.

We use these LED flood lights in so many areas like stadiums, and open-air events. Let us know about the various features of a LED floodlight that is increasing its demands in the market.

  • Generally, a LED flood light is broadly beamed and also have high-intensity light. These light are also portable therefore making it easier to carry them from one place to another.

  • You can also use a LED flood light for temporary purposes. This feature is best for the ground or areas which does not have a permanent flood light. Since the temporary led high bay reflector used as floodlights can be easily carried from one place to another you can use them in the place where there is no flood light. In fact, the quality of the light also won’t get compromised.

  • You will get floodlights of various sizes. However, if the size of the floodlight is larger than more area will get covered. This will also increase the safety of the area.

What are the benefits that you will get if you change your traditional flood light with the LED flood lights?

Floodlight is not a new thing but with the advancement of technology many new inputs have been done in flood light. Many different technologies have been used to increase their output and efficiency level.

Earlier the halogen floodlights were used in stadiums or open-air events but now it has been recently replaced by the LED floodlights. These lights have become very popular in a very less span of time as their result in terms of power consumption is very less.

Let us look into the benefits of a LED high bay reflector used as a flood light

  1. Energy saving

The most important advantage that one can get from the LED light is its capability to save energy. Generally, a flood light is turned on for a maximum of 12 hours a week.

So, if you compare it with the halogen floodlight you will notice that the lumen output of the 1500 watt halogen floodlight is almost 33000 Lm but in a 400 watt LED floodlight the lumen output is almost 40000 Lm.

Now you can imagine the amount of electricity that you can save if you just change your traditional flood light with a LED light. If you still don’t get the motivation to pursue LED light then you must read further to know about the other benefits of it.

  1. Greater longevity

Again if you compare the time span of a LED floodlight with a halogen flood light you will see that the LED light have a much longer time span. Nowadays, in the market, there are also various types of LED floodlight which does not need any tool for maintaining them, hence decreasing the time that was needed to repair a floodlight.

However, for your general information, the average life span of a LED floodlight is almost 50000 hours.

  1. Better quality

There is no doubt in it that the LED floodlights are much better than the halogen lights. The quality of light provided by the LED light is much better than the halogen. Therefore with LED light, you will need less number of light to create the same effect as a halogen light.

Hence saving you a lot of money in power consumption and also while purchasing the number of light.

The LED high bay reflector is also amazing for enhancing the safety and security of your area for its bright light. You can even use them during the festive season also. With it, you can be sure that it will light up a wide area.

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