Damaged SD Card Recovery:Recover Files/Data from SD Card

SD card is a popular data storage media widely used in Android phones,digital cameras,camcorders,and more. If the SD card is damaged,then the host device like Phone can’t access and read the files and data on it. Worse still,some of precious data may get lost because of SD card error.

Don’t worry,damaged SD card recovery is not that much difficult. This tutorial introduces three ways to help you easily recover lost photos,videos and other files/data from damaged or corrupted SD card. Learn how to fix damaged SD card without data loss.

Fix #1:Recover Corrupted SD Card with CHKDSK

If you receives this message “SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it”. Don’t format the SD card at once if you don’t want all the SD card data get lost.

The first thing you need to do is to stop using this SD card immediately since you may suffer permanent data loss due to data overwriting.

If you’ve connected the SD card with PC USB port by using a USB card reader,but the SD card can’t be accessed,try to use another USB card reader or computer. If the result is the same,try the following fixes.

Unless the SD card is physically damaged,you can figure out some free ways to try tofix the phone SD carderrors without formatting. Below is the detailed steps for how to recover corrupted SD card with Windows CHKDSK command.


  • Insert the damaged SD card into a USB card reader and plug it into computer USB port.
  • Click This PC to find out the drive letter your computer assigns to the detected SD card.
  • Then click Start and type cmd. Click Command Prompt to open Windows cmd.exe.
  • If the Run as administrator window pops up,click OK.
  • At last,type the command line:chkdsk g:/f/r,and hit Enter button. Replace “g” with the SD card drive letter you just checked in This PC. And please do not forget the spaces in the command line.
  • Wait patiently to let CHKDSK scan and fix the file system errors or possible bad sectors on the SD card.

Aside from Windows CHKDSK command,you can also use Windows built-in Error Checking tool to check the SD card drive for any file system errors.

  • You can use a USB card reader to connect the SD card with computer.
  • Click This PC. Right-click the target SD card drive and choose Properties.
  • Tap Tools. Click Check icon to start checking the drive for file system errors.

Fix #2:Recover Data/Files from Damaged SD Card

If the Windows CHKDSK cmd and Error checking can’t help you with the damaged SD card recovery,you can useMiniTool Power Data Recovery Freeto recover data from SD card.

This professional free SD card recovery software is capable of retrieving accidentally deleted files from SD card,and recover lost data from damaged SD card,accidentally formatted SD card,or other SD card data loss cases.

It can recover deleted files or lost data from micro SD card of various brands like SanDisk,Samsung,Kingston,Transcend,Sony and more.

The easy damaged SD card data recovery steps are as follows:

  • Connect SD card with PC by using USB SD card reader.
  • Free download and install 100%clean MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free on your Windows 10/8/7 PC,and launch it.
  • In the main interface,you can clickRemovable Disk Driveand choose the target SD card. ClickScan.
  • After the drive scanning process is finished,you can check all the found files to tick what you need,and click Save button to recover deleted files or lost data from corrupted SD card.
  • Advanced options includingShow Lost Files,Find,and Filterare provided for users to quickly find the needed files.

Fix #3:Format the Corrupted SD Card

After you’ve recovered all deleted or lost files from damaged SD card with thebest free data recovery software,you can optionally choose to format the corrupted SD card to see if it can normally work again.

As for formatting corrupted SD card,generally you have three ways:using Windows CMD,using Windows Disk Management,third-party SD card formatter.

How to Format Corrupted SD Card with CMD

To format the damaged SD card using CMD,you can firstly enter into Windows DiskPart utility.

You can clickStarton PC,typecmd,and chooseCommand Prompt,then you will open Windows Command Prompt window.

Next you can typediskpartand hitEnter,then Windows DiskPart tool will open in a new window.

Then you can type the following command lines one by one to format corrupted SD card. After typing each command line,you should hitEnterbutton to execute the operation.

Please replace “*” in the command line with the specific letter of the target disk or partition.

Here we take formatting corrupted SD card to FAT32 as an example. You can also format the SD card to NTFS,by replacing the command line “format fs=fat32 quick” with “format fs=ntfs quick”.

  • list disk
  • select disk*
  • list partition
  • select partition*
  • format fs=fat32 quick
  • exit

How to Format Corrupted SD Card with Disk Management

Windows Disk Management tool can also format the damaged SD card.

You can press bothWindowsandRkeys on the keyboard and then typediskmgmt.mscin the RUN window.

Then you can right-click the partition on the corrupted SD card and chooseFormat,and set a file system for the formatting SD card like FAT32 orNTFS.

Third-party SD Card Formatting Software

Third-party free SD card formatters likeMiniTool Partition Wizard Freecan also help you format corrupted SD card to FAT32,NTFS,exFAT,FAT12/16,ext2/3/4,etc.

Bottom Line

If the SD card is damaged,generally you can take these three moves to recover corrupted SD card. You can firstly carry out the damaged SD card recovery process by using Windows CHKDSK,next recover data/files from SD card with professional free data recovery software if some data is lost,in the end,try to reformat the corrupted SD card if you need.

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