How the HR Software Works in Bahrain

What is human resources software?

Human resource management system (HRMS) is a part of Human resource software. It is made with a number of systems. Human resource software is specially made to help employees and management to reach at their full potential.

The automated payroll and workforce management trend begun in 70th century. But during that time due to limited technology companies relied on manual entry to do the employee evaluation and digitizing report.

In the 80th century the complete hr cantered client server system brought in. Now in the recent developments hr software users came with gamification technology that includes an entertaining dimension to hr operations. It also motivate people to reach their fullest potential by awarding them with bonuses and incentives.

What is the work of human resource?

Any properly designed organization will have an hr software in Bahrain. The work of an hr consists of tracking employees date, including their personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments and salary.

As you can see a single person or two cannot handle this heavy workload. To reduce this workload, organizations began to operate electronically. This automate operations are done by introducing specialized human resource management systems.

This system includes,

  1. Hiring:

In each and every organization recruiting becomes one of the fundamental methods developed by HR departments to reap potential candidates for available position for this organization. Recruitment process is being done on various level such as analysing, identifying potential applicant. In this days it is being recruited though online recruiting sites.

  1. Administration:

Administration includes employee query solving, or perform any transaction over the system. Nowadays it has become tech savvy in its usage. As employees can query their attendance record from the system, even without asking the personnel. Previously an hr department’s task was heavily loaded with all this. But now it is machine related.

  1. Performance Management:

How the employees function, if they are serving for the betterment of that particular organization or not, these are the thing hr department holds. It also includes motivating employee to bring out the best. That’s why the incentives and all because these are added to a employee as a part of motivation for him or her to do the work well.

  1. Absence Management:

If a employee is on leave or that employee is absent let’s say, it is not possible for anyone to take notice of it and keep that attendance. This is the department of hr. An hr keeps all this tracked.

  1. Employee Self Service:

Employee self service is a module that allows employees to query hr on any data that the hr handles. This comes under right to know, our fundamental right.


Many organizations have updated themselves and developed human resource management system in Bahrain, which does all the work done by hr. For example, recruitment, selection, hiring, job placement employee benefit analysis, health, safety, and security.

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