Why your dog needs a flea and tick collar?

We have learned that there are tablets and various other medication like lotions and shampoos for dogs that will prevent the fleas and ticks from attacking them. Apart from these, there is also another effective method that will save your dog from any kind of fleas and tick.

Curious to know about it! It is known as flea and tick collars. These are similar to the normal collars that you have seen on dogs but the best part of them is they prevent the dog from getting attacked by flea and ticks.

If you are a pet parent then you have every right to be concerned with fleas and ticks. The question over here is-Your pet might already be suffering from fleas and ticks or may get attacked by it in the long run so how will you prevent it! These flea and tick collars can be your best options.

You will get different brands of flea and tick collars but the Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar for large dogs are the best one. Before using these collar you must know how a flea and tick collar work?

The best part of flea and tick collar is they last till 8 months which means it is long-lasting. Other than being long lasting there are two basic functions of flea and tick collars.

  • Repelling- The repelling collars emit a type of gas that repels the pets. Whenever a flea or tick tries to sit and bite on the body of your pet it will get killed.

  • Treating- This type of collars have medicines in them which seeps into the fat layers of the dog’s skin. You can also refer these medicines as active ingredients that will spread in the body of a dog by using the natural oil of the skin. Therefore, if any flea or ticks come near your pet it will get killed before it can even contact the body of the pet.

You will also find flea and tick collars that may just serves one of the above purposes and there are many who works both as a repellent and a treatment.

It is essential that you carefully read the instructions that are written on the cover of the body while you are buying a flea and tick collar. You must also know the type of collar that your dog needs.

The benefits that you will get for using a flea and tick collars.

1. There are some collar which lasts up to 8 months if you compare them to the 30-day spot-on.

2. The collars are most effective if you want to eradicate tick and fleas. A dog can wear these collars normally as any regular collars, it will just sit on their neck.

The collars are more effective near the area of face and neck as this is the area where the ticks attack the most of a dog.

3. The best part about these collars are- they are not expensive. They are also easily available as you will also get many such collars in your nearby grocery store but they don’t work very well.

So, it is always recommended that you seek the advice of a veterinarian and judge the brand of the collar before buying it.

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